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Welcome to NET Tutorials! We are hosting a wide range of tutorials for various programming languages and frameworks. Please feel free to visit one of them:

.NET Tutorials

Originally, this website only hosted tutorials for the .NET framework, e.g. our C# tutorial. For historical reasons, you can read the original intro text here:

Welcome to this .NET tutorial site, created to help you learn a range of great technologies for developing desktop and web applications.

The .NET framework was created by Microsoft in the late 1990's, with the first version released in 2002. Since then several versions have been released, making the .NET framework better and more popular with each release.

We have written several tutorials for you, each for their own specific, .NET related technology.

C# is the preferred language for writing .NET applications. Whether you want to work on web or Windows based applications, you should learn C#. There are alternatives, like VB.NET, but C# is the most widely supported .NET language. Fortunately for you, we have an entire tutorial dedicated to the subject, which will guide you through all the interesting parts of the language.

ASP.NET is a great technology for building websites. If you have already learned C#, ASP.NET is easy to get started with and once you have learned it, the possibilities for creating great websites are almost endless.

AJAX for ASP.NET allows you to easily create more responsive and user-friendly websites. With this cool technology, you can do partial updates of your web pages very easily.

...but today, we offer tutorials for even more languages and frameworks! Just refer to the list above to see what we can currently help you with. Enjoy!